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Prices From
 OOW ReplacementBattery Replacement*
iPhone 5/5c/5s$79$59 
iPhone SE$109$59 
iPhone 6$109$59 
iPhone 6s$129$59 
iPhone 7$169$59 
iPhone 8$169$59 
iPhone 6 Plus$129$59 
iPhone 6S Plus$149$59 
iPhone 7 Plus$179$69 
iPhone 8 Plus$189$79 
iPhone X$379$99 
 All other repair quotes by in-store inspection.   

*prices indicative of a screen assembly which includes digitizer, display and installation – prices are subjective to the condition of each device.


Did you know QIK FIX IT offers faster repairs for all of your mobile devices? We are generally able to have your iPhone or iPad repaired within the hour, for instance. Additionally, we keep parts in stock like batteries and screen replacements on all models of iPhone, beginning with iPhone 4 going all the way up to the current generation. For example, if you need a screen or battery we can get you going again super QIK!


Simply drop into our QIK FIX IT shop in Noosaville for an instant quote and assessment, our super friendly staff can get you FIXED QIK. In addition, while you wait we have complimentary QIK FREE WiFi (100Mbit NBN) in our chill-out lounge where you are invited to grab a coffee or cold drinks if it’s a hot day in Noosa and after that, if you’re keen for some pinball, we happen to have a fully functional arcade in-store, it’s even BYO. 


We like to offer free pickup and delivery for all services QIK FIX IT provides in the local Noosa area, including iPhone and other smartphone repairs, however should you wish to drop in to say hello, visitors are always welcome because we often have holiday makers needing desperately to have their iPhone repaired while staying in Noosa and we are always happy to offer our services because many times we can have the iPhone or iPad returned to you the same day. For broken screens and liquid damage we can certainly offer our expert services, and sometimes you have no transport, no problem we can offer pickup and delivery services to your door. Don’t let a broken iPhone ruin your Noosa holiday, call QIK FIX IT and have it fixed fast.

Helpful info:The friendly staff at QIK FIX IT iPhone repairs in Noosa want you to have the best experience possible when using our services, because when it comes to iPhone components the original glass comes with an anti-fingerprint oleo phobic surface but after market glasses without this coating feel sticky and dry. QIK FIX IT provides original parts for all repairs where possible, or at least the highest quality alternative so you can have peace of mind knowing that your QIK FIX IT repair is performed using the same high quality OEM components Apple uses and Service Centre Parts where possible from all other brands installed by highly experienced technicians. 


By having your device repaired though QIK FIX IT you are authorising us to repair your device and agree that you are the rightful owner and understand that this may void any further warranty you have. You must always back up your data (Sync with computer, google or iCloud) before having the device repaired and understand that QIK FIX IT will not be held responsible for any loss of data from your device. QIK FIX IT provide a 12 Month fault warranty* on all parts fitted. FREE delivery offer is only available for services in excess of $500, FREE pickup is at our technicians discretion, we will offer the service during an onsite visit or if we are conveniently located nearby at the time or passing by, otherwise Pickup and delivery service is $55.00

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